You Can Earn Money for Our School!

How can I help?

By saving your box tops, UPC codes, and bottle caps, you can help earn money for our school.

What can the school purchase with the reward money?

With the rewards money, the school can purchase a wide range of products from crayons, to tablets, to even a minivan! 

What should I save? 

Our school participates in three different rewards programs.  In each program, many different brands participate.  Below are some of the brands you can save.  For a complete listing, please visit the links below.

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Labels for Education List of Brands

Labels for Education Product Search

School Spirit Program Product List

Box Tops for Educatoin Product List 


How do I turn them in?

You can turn in your UPC, box tops, and bottle caps to the office  OR  you can turn them in directly to Mrs. Klatt or Ms. Bashaw, our school's reward program coordinators.