Meal Program

Who supplies our meals? 

Arenac Eastern has partnered with Chartwells School Dining Services this year in order to best serve our students. The cafeteria will offer a variety of options to appeal to various tastes and dietary needs. All students in the 2015-2016 school year receive a free breakfast and lunch.  It is expected that we will continue our Free Meal Program for the next several years.

What will the students be eating? 


Additional information regarding breakfast coming soon! 


While students may purchase goodies from a variety of Á La Carte options, all students here at our school will receive a free lunch including a choice of entree (including a protein and grain), 2 vegetable side dishes, 2 fruit side dishes, and a choice of milk (1% white, skim white, skim chocolate, and skim strawberry).

A daily cold vegetable and fruit bar is also available.  We feature a variety of vegetables and fruits on the bar including locally grown options when seasonally avaialable.  Each week, we feature deeply colored, nutrient-rich vegetables including red/orange and dark green varieties, as well as beans and other additional choices.

The weekly lunch menu is available in the office.

How does the payment system work? 

Applications for the School's Free Meal program are distributed to all students at the beginning of the school year.  These forms are required for us to remain a part of the Free Meal Program.

The school uses a computerized debit system, and each student will be issued a number which will be entered into a keypad when they receive their meal or purchase additional items.  This is a pay-in-advance system.

Charging is discouraged. In the event that non-payment is unavoidable, Elementary students will be limited to ten dollars ($10.00) in overdraft and Middle School and High School students will be limited to three dollars ($3.00) in overdraft.