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Welcome to Arenac Eastern School District

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Arenac Eastern schools to assist students in their quest to demonstrate proficiency in life skills by providing a balanced curriculum that includes instruction in academic, social, emotional, physical, and thinking skills.

About Arenac Eastern

The district is located near Lake Huron in northern Michigan and is primarily a farming community.  In 2009, the Arenac Eastern School District had 284 students in our K-12 program and 20 teachers. All grades are located on one campus. Over 50% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

The district also provides a preschool program for Arenac Eastern School District and the AuGres School District.  

Facilities & Resources

Over the past several years the district has received several grants. These grants have supported staff development, curriculum development, school improvement, assisting students at risk, assistive technology for special needs and technology staff development, curriculum planning , technology support and special grant funded opportunities. 

Arenac Eastern School District is located at 200 Smalley Street in Twining.  It is a K-12 building and the common facilities such as the library, cafeteria, gymnasium are shared by all students and staff. Ample lawns, fields and playgrounds, provide an inviting space for outdoor activities and athletic events surround the campus.  The woods on the perimeter further define the country setting.

The building itself has a long history. The central part is the original structure. That was extended to the north to create added space for the high school. About 1990 an elementary wing and a gym with additional athletic facilities was added. The additions were well planned to give the exterior of the building a uniform appearance with the brickwork.