Teen Institute

Arenac Eastern High School’s Teen Institute provides information, instruction, and alternatives regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to the parents, students, and other community members in our school district.

Last year neighboring district AuGres hosted Teen Summit Day, and this year the ball is back in our court!  At Teen Summit our entire middle and high school populations will have the opportunity to listen to clear, honest messages about the negative impact of alcohol on our community when youth begin drinking before age 21.  Our staff has agreed to devote an entire day to this exciting and worthwhile venture.  The students are in the throes of planning and seeking funds from individuals, agencies, health systems, and even family while also adding income by working on bottle drives, snack sales, cookiegrams, penny wars, and raffles to supplement the program.

What We Are:

Founded in 1990, this group of dedicated teens is an outgrowth of Arenac Eastern’s Student Assistance Program.  Modeled after a statewide training sponsored by CMU many years ago, TI students participate in team building exercises, develop grant writing abilities, and spend a great deal of time fundraising and activity planning for their peers.  The knowledge and experience these students gain as a result of their hands-on involvement in implementing quality informational programs has twice been recognized by the Prevention Network of Michigan with two Model Workshop Awards, and grants in excess of $10,000 over the past ten years. 

How You Join:

Arenac Eastern’s Teen Institute is open to any high school student grades 9-12 who wishes to work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle while serving others in their home school and even the local area. Meetings are weekly in Ms. Hunter’s room (105) and times for the meetings are set based upon the members each year.  Listen to the announcements for day changes, or check with Ms. Hunter or another TI member.

What We Do:

We strive to provide safe, and more importantly, FUN alternatives to the violence, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs to which many kids are exposed daily.  TI also promotes a message of tolerance within its group, by hosting activities such as "Mix-It Up Day," where students are asked to sit with someone different at lunch, and then provided with a series of questons designed to let these new lunch partners get to know each other in an entertaining and non-threatening way.

When it begins to look a lot like Christmas, you can count on TI to supply our school with entertaining assemblies, candy grams, and even an advent calendar in the school cafeteria.

Thanks to the Bay-Arenac County Yellow Ribbon Committee, TI tackles the tender subject of teen suicide during Suicide Prevention Week.  Yellow ribbons are hung all around the school, cards reminding students that it's "ok to ask for help" are distributed, and every student in grades 6-12 makes a link in the chain of hope that is hung around the school.

Finally, TI students have special activites that are planned just for fun, team building purposes.  We've gone Chistmas Caroling, had a Hayride and Bonfire, and have planned a movie night as well.  We've even "camped out" in West Branch at the Quality Inn for a weekend work session!  We're all about hard work, it's true, but we're also smart enough to know you have to reward yourself once in a while.