Student Assistance

The Student Assistance Program at Arenac Eastern is a broad brush program designed to help students achieve their maximum potential at Arenac Eastern.  Any number of issues can arise during the course of  the year which can interfere with a student’s ability to be a successful learner, and the SAP is designed to help intervene when those situations become overwhelming for the student concerned.

The Core Team consists of a group of specially trained staff, along with our guidance counselor, that meets on a regular basis to review policy, consider referrals to the program, and determine the best course of action for each individual involved.  Core Team meetings are conducted in strict confidentiality, and every effort is made to insure that the student’s concerns are handled in a professional and helpful manner.

Students may be referred to the SAP program by concerned staff, fellow students, parents, and even themselves.  Upon referral, the student will speak with the SAP Coordinator (Barb Hunter) and the counselor (Mr. Pauly) to determine what steps, if any, need to be taken in order to assist the student in the management of whatever issue is interfering with his best ability to learn.  The program is in no way punitive, and it participation is always completely voluntary.

A primary function of the SAP and one of its most successful offerings is the high school support group.  Students are referred or self-refer for group, and upon receipt of parental permission, are allowed to attend hourly support group meetings once a week in which they learn positive ways to manage their issues, helpful ways to offer support to one another, and the comfort of knowing that they don’t have to handle everything “alone.”  All support groups are co-facilitated with a pair of specifically trained group leaders (one male and one female) to provide direction, information, guidance and support when needed.  Students are expected to secure their assignments from their teachers in advance, and to keep up with any work they may be missing as a result of group.  One reason for our program’s continued success is the support of the staff both in releasing students and in volunteering their prep time to lead support groups.

If you’d like more information on the SAP, please refer to the policy information included in your student’s Code of Conduct.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Hunter or Mr. Pauly with any of your concerns.