Our district contracts with several different individuals through the Bay-Arenac ISD to assist our students in reaching a variety of personal, social, educational, and career goals.  Services are available to all students within our school district.  We encourage all students and parents to seek guidance in helping their students set and obtain their goals.


Contact Information

Arenac Eastern School District
200 Smalley Street
PO Box 98
Twining, MI  48766

Phone:  (989) 867-4234

Scholarship Information


Favorite Websites:,1607,7-128-38193_38211-134448--,00.html
This website provides demographic information (size, location, price, housing, etc.) on Michigan colleges, universities and vocational schools, as well as contact numbers and a listing of programs available at each. Links to college websites offer immediate access to more detailed information. Another component of his site allows users to view college programs by CIP code to see which Michigan postsecondary institutions offer training in a particular field.
This website is very comprehensive.  The “Students and Parents” section contains information on postsecondary options.  Click on “career exploration” and easily research career information including required training/education, earnings and employment outlook.,1607,7-128-38193_44522---,00.html
This site provides information regarding the Michigan Merit Scholarship offered to Michigan students who take the Michigan Merit Exam and graduate from a Michigan high school.
This website allows students to register for the ACT college admissions test (the preferred college admissions test in Michigan).  There are also links to information on college preparation, college applications and college searches.  Sample ACT questions are available at this site
This website is the SAT registration site and contains much of the same information as the ACT website.
This website allows students to explore careers, collect career research and build a portfolio.  Best of all is that this is available free of charge.  Bridges is an exceptionally comprehensive career development website.  You do need a user ID and password.  These are available from the Counselor’s Office.  Well worth a look to explore careers!
This website offers two very important services for students:  College Search and Scholarship Search.  Students create a profile of their background, interests, and goals.  The profile created from this information is then used to match colleges and scholarships with the student.  This site has a huge database of information to draw from and is a must for every senior.
This is the official website to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Parents and students can fill out the FAFSA online and have their applications processed faster than the paper and pencil method.  The FAFSA is the primary route to Federal and State financial aid including Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and Work Study.  Many scholarships require students to complete a FAFSA as part of the scholarship application process.
This is the official Michigan Financial Aid website. Parents and students can become acquainted with various programs and services available to support Michigan college students.
This website is a place to estimate financial need for college expenses.  Parents and students fill in financial information and projected college expenses and the system generates a projected “estimated family contribution” value and the amount of financial need.  Remember this is just an estimator and the information you fill in on this system does not get sent to anyone other than the user.  If you are unsure if your family would be eligible for financial aid, this estimator could give you valuable feedback.  Quick and easy to use.