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Board of Ed to Appoint New Board Members

The Board of Education is accepting letters of interest  from local community residents that are interested in serving on the Board of Education.

The Bylaws of the Board of Education require that the Board fill these vacancies with a qualified resident within thirty days.  To be qualified, a resident must be a registered voter of the district. The board will be working towards finding candidates that will be representative of the community and who will best serve the interest of the students.

The appointees will serve until the next school election in November 2016.  In November 2016 an election will be held to fill four positions, which will be six-year positions starting January 2017.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their letter of interest to the Board of Education at P.O. Box 98, Twining, MI  48766 by the deadline of 3:00p.m. on January 9, 2015. 


 It is the mission of the Arenac Eastern School District to assist students in their quest to demonstrate proficiency in life skills by providing a balanced curriculum that includes instruction in academic, social, emotional, physical and thinking skills.




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